Monday, September 24, 2007

The scarf that never existed

I've been on the search for the world's most perfect Autumn scarf pattern since July, and I'm approaching my threshold for patience- the sadness, I'm afraid is waiting to be unleashed. Suss Designs had a great sale before they skipped over to their new location next door and I scored a ball of some of the most lovely hand spun wool ever in this super sexy deep red. I was only able to find one ball though, so I will only be able to get a scarf out of it. I imagined it as my ultimate, super chic Fall mega-accessory, turning heads every step I take. Kind of like those Diesel sunglasses I tried on with Dave, and subsequently had a Mentos-ish dream about being on the beach; my smile flashing under my flattering shades, friends laughing and enjoying beach recreation, Karate Kid One style all around me complete with boom box, sun-kissed skin and volleyballs.

A very nice member of a knitting message board I frequent gave me this pattern, which is the closest I've come to what I'm picturing;

CO 13
1: k2tog k4 yo k1 yo k4 k2tog
2: knit

I started out by slimming the whole thing down to CO 9, because I want something way skinny and long to really feel like it reflects this Season's vibe. I also want something really holey and loopy, that isn't quite a lace but just really baggy yet delicate looking. So then I tried alternating the YO to different spots in the pattern and it still felt really bulky and patterny. Then I tried ditching the knit row all together and alternating once again and I just feel like the holes are too small and too close together and it still looks too bulky. I am kind of thinking about going out and getting needles that are way too big a gauge for the yarn and trying the pattern, to see if it loopies the whole deal up, but being quite the novice I fear breaking some sort of unspoken knitting law by doing so. Like I'm cutting corners or making some unforgivable cheat. Then again, it's my fucking scarf, so who gives a rat's patoot how I got there, right?

To top it off, I googled "holey scarf" and got a bunch of links to people who posted "non-holey" patterns. WTF?! Anyway, it's late and I worked today on my day off, so I don't have any more patience left to go for this tonight. Maybe in my often lucid dreams I'll have some kind of knitting epiphany.

Or maybe some knitting guru out there will comment me with the exact pattern I've been searching both the real and the cyber world for, as if they had a direct line into the depths of my textile loving heart.

Brought in a dresser. Getting a new roommate. Surprise love attack.

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