Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the potential for class action

So anyone is welcome to take me to task on this, or offer their own opinion, but I really feel like Netflix members who do not have a Windows computer should get a discount on their service.

I've been a Netflix member for a few years now, and I find that I go through these cycles, where I'm watching a lot of movies (I'm usually single during this cycle, or poor, or a combination of the two) or not really watching them at all. But I really honestly feel like, and other friends on Netflix agree, that if I were able to watch movies instantly on my computer and not wait for them in the mail, my usage would go through the roof!

I realize that Netflix is working to resolve the issue and cater to their Mac constituency, but I just don't think they should get away with charging me the same monthly fee as PC members who I know in my bones are getting triple the Netflix fun that I'm getting.

Just because I have the option to put some Windows platform program on my Mac shouldn't release Netflix from their responsibility to me to offer me the same value that PC users get for the same price. I don't want to put some crappy Windows program runner like Boot Camp on my computer. I feel like Windows is the devil, and will eat my computer alive. I cannot be convinced otherwise. I have a (perhaps) irrational fear of Windows trashing apart my beloved little Powerbook that I can't afford to replace.

I know, I know. A small little insignificant nuance of daily life, trite really in the grand scheme of things. But what about that guy who sued Airborne? Not that I'm terribly interested in suing any corporations, but isn't this kind of illustrative (on a tiny scale) of why we're in this big economic jumble right now?

Okay, so maybe not. But I'm sure you feel me. Especially if you're scared of PCs.

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